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Homophobia and Homophobic Crime in Berkshire
Published by the Berkshire Anti-Homophobia Group (1999)

Lesbian & Gay Youth Issues
Social Inclusion: Reaching Out to Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Youth
Published by ReachOUT (1999)

Lesbian & Gay Education Issues
Inclusive Schools: Ending the Exclusion of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth
Published by Yorkshire MESMAC (2002)

The European Union
European Integration and the Battle for British Hearts and Minds: New Labour and the Euro
(with Dr Brian Burkitt)
Political Quarterly, Vol.74, No.3 (2003), pp.322-336
Copyright: Political Quarterly

Spinning Europe: Pro-European Union Propaganda Campaigns in Britain, 1962-1975
(with Dr Brian Burkitt)
Political Quarterly, Vol.76, No.1 (2005), pp.100-113
Copyright: Political Quarterly

PhD Thesis
The British Left's 'Great Debate' on Europe: The Political Economy of the British Left and European Integration, 1945-2004
University of Bradford, 2005
Copyright Andy Mullen

Copyright 2006. Andy Mullen